About Us

CO-Check is a brand name under Sanwa BioTech Limited, a company with the core mission to save lives by streamlining clinical diagnostic processes.

CO-Check’s rapid test kits are developed as a series of personalized Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) solution that provide affordable, reliable and rapid diagnostic results to individuals and front-line healthcare professionals for a faster treatment to time-threatening disease like the COVID-19.


With CO-Check, we empower untrained individuals to conduct tests away from crowds and at the safety of their own homes. This dramatically reduces risk of exposure, while also providing individuals with accurate results with no efforts.

Our Team

We have been working hard to become a key/recognized player in Asia with design knowhow, and manufacturing capability, all vertically integrated. We have 50+ staff working (with 40% Phd and master's degrees, 58% R&D staff) round the clock during the newest crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ISO cert.pdf.png

Quality Assurance

We are one of the few certified companies with ISO 13485:2016 compliance in medical device manufacturing and R&D in Hong Kong.

This means that we can consistently meet customer as well as regulatory requirements to manufacture products at the best and and most reliable quality.